Can you have a bee hive in a relatively small, urban garden?

This is a question to all bee keepers out there. I have read an awful lot of posts on the subject and still have no idea. I have spent hours reading and searching the internet and read that you can have a bee hive on a small balcony – personally I find that hard to believe but my knowledge of bee keeping is extremely limited. I am interested in people’s opinions of the Australian Flow Hive (I love the look of them) or any other useful advice people can give.

I have persuaded my husband to enroll in a bee keeping course with me however with the current pandemic the course is always being delayed. Even if I can not have my own bee hive I will know the different types of bees.

I would love to be producing my own honey with tastes from my garden.

So if you have any advice, ideas or comments I would love to hear from you.


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