Planning my garden.

Today I finally convinced my husband and son to uproot the conifer that has been in this garden for about 50 years. I really don’t like conifers, I don’t like the look of them and can not understand why anyone would plant one in their garden – and I definitely do not know why anyone would ever plant one in the middle of their relatively small garden. Anyway, after 2 hours of cutting, sawing, digging and axing it is now gone. Well not quite, it’s now in a pile in the garden waiting for me to hire a skip.


So you now have an idea of the before look of my garden.

My plan for my garden changes slightly every few days but I now have a firm beginning point of the garden . In the approximate location of the conifer I plan to position a greenhouse. I am not sure whether to buy a glass greenhouse or a polycarbonate. I would like glass but they are quite a lot more expensive and I am not sure if the extra money is warranted. I do not have a bottomless budget and the reviews on the polycarbonate greenhouses are very good. The only negative appears to be that they are light so you have to be more careful when positioning them. The plan is to position the green house paradelle to the back hedge. Along side that I want either one or two raised vegetable beds depending on room, and then have a patio area where the shed is.


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